Cardi B Says New Music Coming Soon While Touting Success of “Up” 1 Year After Release

 Cardi B Says New Music Coming Soon While Touting Success of “Up” 1 Year After Release

Cardi B is celebrating the first anniversary of her song “UP” and has hinted that new music is on the way.
On Twitter

“One year of Up, I’m so proud. Had the nation dancing from dope celebs, at weddings, in restaurants, at pep rallies. No gimmicks, just the country having fun during hard times. Thanks for making it #1, see y’all soon,” she said.

Cardi B also responded to questions by critics who asked if her dancing was gimmicks.

“Hnmmmmmm I mean I can’t help that people wanted to remake the choreography that was in the music video….I been doing choreography in music videos ever since I drop “MONEY” in 2018 …so wats your point sweets?”

She also responded with laughing emojis at one fan who read into the end part of the tweet.

“She’s using that soon word again y’all,” the fan said.

The rapper was recently criticized by Joe Budden, who said Cardi B was too busy to make an album, and especially since she’s ultra-successful, there’s no motivation to make music.

Cardi B had a scathing reply for Joe Budden.

“I don’t know why mother****ers assuming sh*t about me and I really don’t mother****ing like that,” Cardi said on Instagram Live. “It’s like, listen, if y’all want an album from me, you can just say that, but what y’all not gonna mother****in’ say about me or make me look like is I’m a lazy b***h because no bitch right now, nobody is overworking me.”

In the meantime, “UP” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time last year. The single broke another record for the “Bodak Yellow” artist, who now has five career No. 1 hits.

That means she has the record for the most No. 1 hits among female rappers.

“I want God to come see me in my dreams when I take a nap today so I can kiss his feet and tell him how much I love him!!! Yoooo s***T is amazing yoooooo. I got no words. Actually I got a lot of words but I can’t type it all, NUMBER 1,” she says while adding laughing emojis to her own joke.

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