Diddy Gets Flamed By ‘Making The Band’ Rappers After Old Clip Went Viral

 Diddy Gets Flamed By ‘Making The Band’ Rappers After Old Clip Went Viral

Diddy is getting a lot of criticism on social media from fans of the show and former contestants.

Making The Band turns out to be one of the most popular hip-hop shows in the 2000s that lasted for three seasons on MTV. The show was iconic to pop culture as it featured Diddy, who had already made a name for himself due to his Bad Boy Records.

The concept of the show was to offer a platform for up-and-coming talent and featured artists like O-Town, Da Band, Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie Klang. Clips from the show were dug up this week and shared on Twitter, with many viewing the show in a new light at the “horrors” that were done to the artists in the name of entertainment.

Making The Band began trending curiously this week as many laughed at the horrible things Diddy did to the participants, calling his behavior running “a musical prison camp.”

However, former participant Da Band rapper Freddy P says he’s still recovering from his dreams being destroyed after going on the show and that his mental health has progressively declined as a result.

“This year alone I’ve contemplated suicide three or four times,” he says in the video. “I done pictured my brother walking in and finding me dead. I cried a few times thinking about leaving my son because I just get tired of life. But no matter what you gotta do you just gotta keep at it … there’s n-ggas that wanna see you fall.”

The rapper also became emotional as he spoke about Diddy’s relationship with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross based on him, and he cried as he spoke about all of the things he’s been through since appearing on the show. He also said that Diddy’s “legacy is fucked”, and that he’s going to hell based on a meme he shared.

The meme reads, “Diddy going to hell. Between this and making them walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get him some cheesecake.”

Another former Making The Band participant, Willie Taylor, also shared his thoughts on the show.


“Learning experience,” he said while adding that Danity Kane was designed to fail.

One of the groups he named in particular, Danity Kane, was disbanded by Diddy, one of the members, Audrey O’Day claimed. According to her, Diddy broke up the band on national television while cameras were rolling.

The band members had also gotten into a fight with Diddy in which he fired members. The group had released three studio albums up to the time they were disbanded.

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