Cardi B Calls Her Fans ‘Dumb’ Before Deleting Her Twitter

 Cardi B Calls Her Fans ‘Dumb’ Before Deleting Her Twitter

Cardi B has deleted her Twitter account @iamcardib, as well as her Instagram account after heated exchanges with fans who dragged her for not attending the 64th Grammy awards and not letting them know she wasn’t going to attend.

On Monday, Cardi B‘s account could not be found, as is normal when an account is deleted. The Bronx rapper was visibly absent from the Grammy, where she received one nomination for her song “Up” for best rap performance. She did not win the award, however, as Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar’s “Family Ties” came out on top.

The 29-year-old rapper became incensed at fans after they called her out for not attending the event. Hours later, she expressed frustration at Twitter users, some of whom sought to bring up her son as they hurled insults at her.

“I’m deleting my Twitter On God I hate this f***in dumbass fan base,” she tweeted before deleting her profile. “You got the slow dumbasses dragging my kids all cause y’all [thought] I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t the f***?”

It all started after a fan called her out for not letting her fans know that she didn’t plan to attend the event. Cardi B is a previous Grammy winner and is known to slay the red carpet. However, this year she chose not to attend as she noted that she would have if her album was out or she had won an award.

Some fans were not pleased with her response and began dragging her. “When the f*** I hinted I was going?” Cardi said. “Just f***ing stupid. I can’t. I needs [sic] to protect myself.”

“Y’all soo f****ing dumb I really don’t like y’all. SUCK MY DICK,” She said in another tweet.

In an Instagram Live, Cardi B addressed the reason she deleted her Twitter account. “I’m doing girl-day s*** today, right? And I’m chilling and everything and then I’m going through my Twitter, and I see people in my Twitter – my fans, my own f***ing fans – talking s*** like, ‘Oh.’ Practically saying that I’m lazy, and that I was giving hints that I was going to the Grammys,” she said. “B****, how the f*** was I giving hints that I’m going to the Grammys?”

She continued, “Do I have any new music?” she asked her fans. “Why would I show up with one nomination? And I lost it anyways, so you wanted me to go to the Grammys, lose an award, and me just be there smiling like, ‘That’s great, that’s great.’”

Cardi B also shared that she was angry at fans bringing up her son in the middle of the melee.

One fan tweeted at Cardi: “I bet yo son wouldn’t like for you to be on your a** while teasing us fans and not ever dropping music.”

Cardi had words for the fan- “I hope your moms die.”

She later addressed the tweet on Instagram.

“That person brought up my son. If you talking s*** about me, why you bringing up my f***ing son?”

Fans were not pleased at Cardi’s comment calling death on her fan’s mother.

“Despite being 1x Grammy winner and having 5 #1’s, Cardi B is the only female rapper EVER to still unable to sell out her shows and she is the only female rapper in HISTORY to send d€4+h threats to her own fandom. She is the ONLY female rapper to do so,” the fan said.

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