Former Dancehall Queen Sher Luxury Doll Now Budding Entrepreneur

 Former Dancehall Queen Sher Luxury Doll Now Budding Entrepreneur

Sher Luxury Doll, formerly known as DHQ Sher, is pivoting her career from dancing to entrepreneurship as she launches her wig business and salon services in Jamaica.

The former dancehall queen has made waves as one of the baddest dancers in the dancehall arena and has been featured in songs of some of Jamaica’s biggest artists like Aidonia‘s “Boring Gal”, Kalado’s “Personally”, and Konshens‘ “Walk and Wine” and “Jiggle”. She was also the 2012 winner of the Dancehall Queen competition and enjoyed her career as a dancer, which allowed her to tour the world.

However, the dancehall heavyweight has switched caps and is now solely focused on her hair and wig business and associated hair care products under her Luxury Beauty Products line.

Her hair services are offered through her salon in Kingston, where patrons can pick from a variety of trendy human hair wigs of all colors and lengths and get styled at the same time.

The now 32-year-old former dancer, whose real name is Sherine Scarlett, told Urban Islandz that she aims to build a successful brand where her fans and followers, both local and overseas, can buy through her website.

“I’ve been putting in the work and I’m offering my products to clients outside of Jamaica,” Sher said. “I started my business in 2019 after I spent most of my earlier career dancing. I always wanted to go into the hair business because it’s something I’m gonna make money from and it’s something that I’m good at because I’ve been doing hair long before I was a dancer.”

Sher disclosed that her artistry when it comes to hair came from her mother, who was a hairdresser growing up and whom she saw helped to change their appearance and confidence with the way she cared for their hair.

“I used to help her at home to do hair and I learned that hair is serious and requires proper care whether you are natural or prefer to wear lace wigs and weaves etc. So, I’m just taking up this talent and making it work for me.”

Among the products she is offering to her fans are lace wigs of all lengths and styles, hot combs, lace tint, wax sticks, eyelashes, hair growth oils, glues, and hair styling tools. According to her

Sher has been capitalizing on her 729K strong platform of mainly female followers. A large part of her ability to remain an influencer and socialite is her ability to re-brand herself, something she has done since leaving dancing to focus on her business ventures. She was the first celebrity to be open about having the now popular BBL surgery, which is where the Sher Luxury Doll name comes from.

“Every year I try to do something different. I named myself Sher Luxury Doll because I’ve always been a trendsetter,” she said.

The businesswoman added that even though she misses the excitement of the dancehall, she is focused on her business and has stopped dancing since 2019.

“I said by the time I reach 30 I will not be in dancehall,” she said as she recollected that she has been dancing since she was a child while growing up with her grandmother.

“I remember when I was small being a part of a girls group called ‘The Mosquito Girls’ and we used to go to parties and dance and I used to be part of a dancing boy group Akademik Fresh Team when I was 11 years old, before that I was with Street Girls and we did the same thing.”

When asked about what drives her, Scarlett says she aims to grow her brand and focus on generational wealth.

According to her, even though she didn’t grow up in difficult circumstances, she always wanted to be independent and to achieve her potential, something she says she always encourages other women to do.

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