Alkaline Speaks “Valum” On New Song Ahead Of Reggae Sumfest Performance

 Alkaline Speaks “Valum” On New Song Ahead Of Reggae Sumfest Performance

Alkaline speaks volumes with his new song “Valum” released ahead of his big performance at Reggae Sumfest 2022.

Stating outright that everything he does has to be done at a higher decibel level than his competitors, Alkaline dropped his latest track entitled “Valum,” and already it speaks volumes as to how serious this artiste is about his musical legacy.

The track’s title, “Valum,” represents the Jamaican patois version of the word ‘volume’ and highlights how the dancehall deejay lives his life in a far more glamourous and visible manner than others around him. Alkaline also deejays about the volume of his street cred plus the love from fans who appreciate his music, with him going viral for every new song he drops.

Produced by AutoBomb Records, the new track, since it dropped on Monday, April 25th, has been trending in the number twelve position on YouTube with close to 100,000 views in just a few hours. The three-minute track saw Alkaline delivering bars in his signature relaxed flow.

“Loud! Coulda deh a yard or farin a just loud/ any hot way nuh try talk too loud/ dem yah kinda happening yah draw down crowd/ if it deaf it haffi deaf/ go yuh loud. Up inna d sky all d times cloud/ and d tree dem wey me a light you know sey a loud/ everybody deh yah so suh know sey we proud/same so we go/ deaf it deaf it haffi… every general deh yah and wi lively yah/ family ting a we good nah fight fi wha/ clamity weh glamity weh dem gyal a walk wid. Trouble as it is wey me fi do dem have me heart ennuh/cause deven look pon it a way a d boss/ casa amigo tun we nah bruk get di glass/ haffi mek you know a just cause,” Alkaline deejay.

Fans, of course, are all over it, praising the beat and the different styled dynamics utilized throughout. One fan exclaimed, “Alkaline music is so organic and easy to devour. When it hits you, you forget about your problems. I knew Alkaline wouldn’t disappoint me and his fans. Respect is always due to Alkaline. It’s about time we hear good music from a great person who held his ground. Being silent is the best way to answer back with your knowledge through music.”

Another chimed, “The lyrics and flow in this song is on point. Alkaline always put in the work and stand out from the rest. The man just different. Most versatile artist in dancehall history. Style, flow, and lyrically unstoppable. Another hit added to the catalog.”

Reggae Sumfest recently announced that Alkaline was added to this year’s lineup as the annual festival hosts its first major staging in three years.

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