50 Cent Cancels ‘The Massacre’ Series On STARZ In Talks With Netflix

 50 Cent Cancels ‘The Massacre’ Series On STARZ In Talks With Netflix

50 Cent might be on a mass exodus from STARZ as he revealed over the weekend that he pulled one of his highly anticipated series from the network and is reportedly shopping it to Netflix

50 Cent has revealed that his show The Massacre, about rap beef in hip hop history, has been pulled from the STARZ network with future plans for another network and production house to take up the show.

Just days after news broke that STARZ pulled the plug on Snoop Dogg‘s Murder Was The Case, which was to detail the events of his murder trial in 1993, the rapper and now television producer says that the station will no longer be producing the show.

“Hey guys i decided i don’t want to move forward with The Massacre in STARZ production slate. It’s a waste of time and money, and it doesn’t fit the new Premium women’s mandate over there. It was a companion piece with snoops (Murder was the case) Ill find a new network better fit to tell my story Lionsgate,” he wrote on Instagram.

The show, which had been given a temporary name- “A Moment In Time: The Massacre,” would have delved into 50 Cent and The Game’s feud before he dropped his second album.

It’s unclear why the project was not a success at STARZ, but there have been speculations that the company wants more women-centered content. 50 Cent’s relationship with STARZ has been rocky, with the two often appearing at loggerheads over the shows he produces.

The rapper has made himself a name in the film industry for his movies like the Power trilogy.

It appears that the shows have also been successful for STARZ, with Lionsgate CEP, Jon Feltheimer, revealing that the latest spinoff of the Power series- Raising Kanan brought more than a million new subscribers to the company.

“Two weeks after the [September] quarter ended, Power Book III: Raising Kanan debuted to the second biggest Starz original series premiere ever, driving over 800,000 global subscriber gross ads in the first week alone and an 80% spike in viewership on the app,” he said.

Sources revealed that 50 Cent is in talks with Netflix to bring both The Massacre and his Snoop Dogg biopic to the streaming network. “Netflix and other networks have shown interest in working with Fif,” source said. “They are in early stage talks with Netflix and given the level of interest shown by that and other networks the logical move to make is pulled them from STARZ. 50 Cent knows what he is doing and he wants to get these productions to viewers, they need to see the light of day.”

50 Cent’s issues with STARZ are well documented, with the rapper regularly bashing the network and its leadership on his Instagram page. Fifty is reportedly shopping his new shows for a new network, and at one point, he was rumored to be trying to acquire the STARZ network, which was reportedly struggling to retain paid subscribers.

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