YFN Lucci Wants Bond Attorney Says He Is Not Cooperating Despite Wack 100 Claims

 YFN Lucci Wants Bond Attorney Says He Is Not Cooperating Despite Wack 100 Claims

YFN Lucci’s lawyer is denying that the rapper has been offered a plea deal following claims by artist manager Wack 100 that the rapper “snitched” on Young Thug to cut himself a deal.

On Wednesday, the Shaderoom reported that the rapper’s lawyer Drew Findling made another emergency bond application to get his client out of jail after the recent racketeering indictment against 28 people, including YSL Young Thug and Gunna, revealed that two murder attempts were made on his life by YSL gang members.

YFN Lucci is on trial for murder and racketeering in a 105-count RICO indictment where he is charged with 11 other people, and he is also being housed at Fulton County jail, where Young Thug, Gunna, and the YSL associates are being held.

His lawyer has made a previous emergency bond application after the rapper was hurt in jail. His lawyer says that he was “stabbed with a shank, repeatedly, inside the Fulton County jail.”

That’s the same incident that prosecutors referenced in their indictment dropped last week, where it said Young Thug’s permission was sought for a second attempt on the life of the rapper.

Findling in new documents filed in court this week also denied that his client had received a plea deal saying that there are “no plea deals on the table” and that his legal team is working on his trial to prove he is innocent.

“There are no plea discussions. We continue to prepare for trial to prove Rayshawn Bennett’s 100% innocence of all charges,” Findling said.

“No one from law enforcement or the District Attorney’s office has attempted to reach out to Mr Bennett or my law firm to discuss any threats or injuries Mr Bennett sustained,” he added.

The attorney says that his legal team is concerned for his well-being, given that there have been two attempts to take his life so far.

“On behalf of Mr Bennett, we maintain that if the District Attorney’s office is sincerely concerned for Mr Bennett’s wellbeing, they should agree to release him on bond.”

Findling’s application has asked for the rapper to be released on reasonable conditions while he awaits trial.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Wack 100 took to ClubHouse to speak on YFN Lucci’s case, where he accused the rapper of snitching on Young Thug specifically in relation to the murder attempts on his life.

“Lucci’s name ain’t this case. Lucci on the victim’s side. So Lucci telling,” Wack said. “Ain’t none of us know how this shit about to go. These people ain’t show their real hand yet. They showing the bare minimum my n-gga. Remember I told you that. I hope [Thug] do come home, but we’re just being real about it,” Wack said.

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