Teyana Taylor Devastated Over Her Brother’s Death: “I Am Not Okay”

 Teyana Taylor Devastated Over Her Brother’s Death: “I Am Not Okay”

Teyana Taylor is mourning the death of her brother.

It doesn’t matter your status in life; losing a loved one is always difficult to deal with. Point and case, Teyana Taylor, who is mourning the loss of her brother, Fleeroy PC Mason. She shared the news of his passing on Instagram on June 1 alongside a heartfelt expression of her pain.

Taylor took a trip down memory lane as she shared several photos of herself and Mason over the years. She even went as far back as their childhood and also showed some photos of after she broke into the industry and became a known name.

“I’ve been trying to process all of this. I can’t, I am broken. A piece of me is gone that I will never get back in the flesh. I am not okay,” she posted.

Teyana Taylor’s fans were quick to offer up some consoling words like this fan who said, “You’re # 1 Supporter til his last breath. A Yung Genius to say the least. We know how much he means to you T and We Here for you. We Love you so much,” and this one who added, “so so so sorry you’re hurting sis. praying for comfort for u & his family.”

The details surrounding his death have remained somewhat of a mystery, but an article in
The Sun has stated that the 31-year-old had been hospitalized in September 2021 as he was battling cancer. They also stated that he had gone through several surgeries since then.

For his part, Mason never hid his diagnosis and used it to help highlight the harrowing time that cancer patients go through.

“This morning I woke up so swollen that I don’t even have a belly button. Count y’all blessings. The body’s capable of some crazy things,” he wrote in a Facebook post just a few weeks before he passed.

Mason is Teyana Taylor’s brother from her father’s previous marriage, and the two seemed to have been very close to each other. We send out our condolences to her and the family at this time as they try to navigate this difficult loss.

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