Boosie Badazz Goes Off After Learning Grandchild Not For His Son, Baby Mama Respond

 Boosie Badazz Goes Off After Learning Grandchild Not For His Son, Baby Mama Respond

Boosie Badazz on Saturday celebrated not being a grandfather as he revealed on Instagram that a young woman attempted to commit paternity fraud on his son.

The Louisiana native said that his Tootie Raw nearly had a baby pinned on him as he celebrated not being a grandfather and even promised to buy everyone free drinks in the club on Saturday night.

Lil Boosie’s son Tootie Raw had shared that he and his girlfriend Ramya were expecting a baby, but it seems that Boosie Badazz has had doubts about the paternity of the child for a long time as he had shared before the child was born that he didn’t believe Ramya was pregnant and he also accused her and her mother of “trapping” Tootie.

In a video shared on his Instagram, Boosie claims that the Ramya allegedly kidnapped a child and brought him to be DNA tested.

“Just found out that ain’t my son baby, haha! I’m not a grandpa. Oh Lord, They done kidnapped somebody baby and brought it down there like it was my grandchild. Oh! You going down baby,” he said in a dramatic Instagram video.

On Instagram, Boosie Badazz called the whole event “a conspiracy of the ages” as he called out the women.

“The things these women do these days is CRAZY my son has had the most stressful year of his life because of this situation¸ ok yall wanna do this too my son bet n the moma of the daughter the worst.”

Boosie says that Ramya and her mother even went to the extent of fabricating birth certificates and DNA tests that claimed his son was the father.

“Show me [for] the fake test, I want the company, where the company that made the fake test,” he said.

Boosie also shared a DM where another woman claimed that the baby was actually hers.

He also shared a photo of him holding the child where he said side by side comparisons did not show any resemblance and that the baby was also too “heavy” while the parents were both slim built.

He also shared photos of the items he supplied for the child after birth, including clothes, a car seat, and food.

“U can bring all that back my son just paid for back!!!” Boosie said.

Meanwhile, Ramya also responded to Boosie Badazz, claiming that he paid the woman claiming to be the mother of the child and that the DNA test was done in the presence of both parents.

“We did the dna test TOGETHER! Proving he’s the father!!! Keep in mind you paying that girl to say that’s her child knowing she said it out her mouth! He’s mine your so sad!” she said in a post on Instagram.

“You never wanted to accept this! YOU SLANDER MY NAME! All to protect your son clean his image,” she added.

She also shared that Boosie and his son only brought “Walmart outfits and 2 pair of shoes” for the baby, and they haven’t done anything else.

She also shared an audio recording of a woman who admitted to being paid to lie and say that the baby is hers.

Ramya, who is 18-years-old, also alleged that Boosie also tried to pay her $20,000 to get an abortion.

“You tried to pay me to get rid of it. $20,000,” she said, noting that that’s what she makes in a day.

Meanwhile, Boosie also claimed that Ramya had at first said she gave birth to twins named Max and Ruby.

Ramya has not shared a photo of her being pregnant or in labor as most other pregnant women do.

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