21 Savage Talks Being In The Center Of NBA YoungBoy & Lil Durk Beef

 21 Savage Talks Being In The Center Of NBA YoungBoy & Lil Durk Beef

21 Savage state his stance on being in the middle of the intense NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk beef

The Atlanta rapper does not feel rappers beefing and notes that he can’t play in the middle when it comes to other rappers beefing.

Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy have been going at it since the year started as they trade shots and insult each other and outdo each other’s gangsterism. Even rappers who are affiliated with or commented on the beef have caught stray bullets like NLE Choppa, who was not only dissed by YoungBoy but also had a spirited YoungBoy fan jump him in the airport.

21 Savage, when asked how he navigates dealing with the two rappers who are beefing, however, disclosed that he hasn’t made any effort to help squash the beef between Durk and YoungBoy.

“Nah, Hell Nah,” Savage said. “Certain sht you can’t even…you don’t try. Certain sht, you just know… ain’t no trying.”

The rapper sat down with My Expert Opinion with Math Hoffa when they asked about his relationship with the two artists whom he previously collaborated with.

Savage and NBA YoungBoy collaborated on the 2016 track “Murder,” track while he released “Die Slow” in 2019 featuring Durk. However, the rappers were not beefing at the time, and 21 Savage was not interested in getting involved as the beef had turned dark between Durk and YoungBoy, who has continuously dissed Chicago rapper and Durk’s best friend, the late King Von.

21 Savage also reflected on the beef between Tupac and Biggie and how Snoop Dogg, who was friends with both men, reacted.

The beef with YoungBoy and Durk intensified earlier this year when Durk dissed YB in his track “AHHH HA.”

YoungBoy responded with “I Hate YoungBoy,” as he not only dissed Durk and his fiancée India Royale but others, even Boosie, who had nothing to do with the beef and is a former YB collaborator and Gucci Mane, who is also cool with Lil Durk. YB also diss his former collaborator 21 Savage on said diss track, but the Atlanta rapper never entertained the jab.

In recent weeks, the two rappers appear to have calmed down and have been quiet as many in the rap game called on them to squash the beef and let things go.

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