Nick Cannon Confirms He’s Expecting Multiple Babies After Ending Celibacy

 Nick Cannon Confirms He’s Expecting Multiple Babies After Ending Celibacy

Nick Cannon says he might be on track to break his own record for impregnating four women in one year.

On Tuesday, the Wild’N Out host confirmed that he might be having more babies on the way, and while he has not confirmed the exact amount, he has hinted that it could be more than the amount he welcomed in 2021.

Nick Cannon is on a horny trip as he revealed that he was not able to control himself and stick to his celibacy goal, and he went on a rampage which has more women pregnant this year.

In a new interview with Angela Yee, Cannon says that his celibacy journey did not go as planned. Last year, the rapper announced that his therapist suggested he be celibate after impregnating four women in 2021.

However, after his 5-month-old son Zen passed away, he fell off his celibacy journey.

“My therapist had told me I had to chill out so I was yo like let’s try celibacy. So it was like October, like mid-October, I didn’t even make it to January…I was supposed to make it to the top of the year but then obviously I started going through a lot of stuff, I got depressed with the loss of my son…” he began.

“In December, the thing is everybody say I was so down so everybody was like let me give him a little vagina, it was so cute and I fell victim to it cause I was in a weak state so right before Christmas I started f*** like crazy,” he added.

Nick Cannon Bre Tiesi
Nick Cannon, Bre Tiesi

Nick Cannon said he was celibate for all of a month and a half.

The correct number of children he is expecting this year is known, but there have been many guesses.

Nick Cannon, however, hinted that the amount could be more than that of 2021.

The rapper welcomed his seventh child in 2021 – a baby boy Zen born to Alyssa Scott, and twins a week later with Abby De La Rosa named Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir.

He did not state the exact number but said, “the stork is on the way,” confirming that he is expecting more babies.

“It could be this is what I said, if you thought the number I put up in 2021 is a lot, wait till I get to 2022,” he joked.

Last week, De La Rosa revealed that she is pregnant. Model Bre Tiesi is in her third trimester, while Alyssa Scott announced that she was pregnant in mid-May.

There are speculations that model Jessica White who also lost a child for Cannon in 2020, may be pregnant again.

That would make four babies on the way.

Meanwhile, Abby De La Rosa, in an Instagram Live, also responded to fans who called her out for being in it for the money.

“If you live your life for being all about the money then you gotta do some work on that for sure can’t lie about that. Yea there are some blessings that come with this for sure but it ain’t about that. I can’t lie there are blessings that come with this but it isn’t about that,” she told fans.

“It’s an interesting dynamic, it’s an interesting world that everyone is invested in,” she added.

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