J. Prince Jr. Checks Wack 100 After Responding To J. Prince Rat Claims

 J. Prince Jr. Checks Wack 100 After Responding To J. Prince Rat Claims

On Tuesday, J. Prince, in an interview with Million Dollar Worth of Game podcast, addressed Wack 100, whom he not only said he wanted all the smoke but who he also called a Clubhouse “gangbanger” for his chatty sessions on the app.

Wack 100 and Prince have been going back and forth over a Larry Hoover interview footage and clashed, with both sides calling out each other as “snitches.”

The beef has continued with J. Prince addressing the issues with Wack on Tuesday, where the Rap-A-Lot Records owner called Wack a “Rat” and even spun his name to call him “Rat 100”.

J. Prince did not let up as he tore into Wack 100.

“He like a sissy to me,” said J. Prince to the podcasters. “Just for the record, I want all the smoke … I know how to put all that out.”

It did not end there. J. Prince later shared that snippet from the podcast and even had a message in a separate video for Wack.

“Quit screaming piru officer rat 100, they don’t claim you rat. You’re a club house gang banger with two members that can’t walk in your own hood,” wrote J Prince. “My brother Larry Hoover has been locked underground in inhumane treatment for 26 years and this clown is working to stop him from living above ground in freedom. The true definition of a bad seed at birth,” he said.

J. Prince had previously accused Wack 100 of working with a woman who owned the footage to ensure that it was not handed over. Wack responded by sharing his conversation with J. Prince, where he explained the woman’s position and what she wanted in exchange for the footage.

Meanwhile, Wack 100 responded to J. Prince on Wednesday in which he shared information on previous criminal cases against J. Prince Jr.

Wack also pointed out that one of the records was sealed as he insinuated that that could only mean one of two things.

“@jprincerespect when you use the word #Rat you gotta have the paperwork,” wrote Wack. “While your Cappn on my name I think you need to call Pest control on somebody tied to your name ?? #SealedFiles Naw can’t expunge in 2 yrs takes 5 yrs after ya off paper. This seal means 1 or 2 things . R for Rat or R for a Rape either one clean ya DNA up Partna . #Coward hides behind men but won’t face me.”

J. Prince Jr., meanwhile, jumped in the Shaderoom comments to address the cases.

“I had a gun case and did time for it,” wrote J Prince Jr. said. “What I do tell on myself weirdo lol stop the bullshit, your too old for this.”

Wack also responded to J. Prince Jr. in the same comment thread.

“Naw ya Pops started this fire so we gone let it burn,” he replied. “No n***a seals a gun case that’s the courts and they only do it based on other circumstances. He say Ima Rat I been free 23 yrs never had a crime Partna. Now I’m a strategic man. He utter another word Ima let the real shit go. You know me I ain’t never been slow to the base … We both know what it really is.”

It seems that Wack 100 is hinting that there could be more to the case as he added the hashtag “#ProtectOurWomen” along with his comment.

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