Skillibeng Performed Well-Received Set In Hartford Despite Altercation Rumors With Promoter

 Skillibeng Performed Well-Received Set In Hartford Despite Altercation Rumors With Promoter

Skillibeng performed a well-received set in Hartford last weekend despite rumors he had an altercation with the promoter.

The dancehall superstar is rumored to have been assaulted by popular promoter Stepper before performing at the West Indian Social club in Hartford, Connecticut.

Stepper, the owner of the S.M.B. Promotions Limited, allegedly said that he felt disrespected by the “Whap Whap” deejay ahead of the performance. Multiple sources say a brief altercation had ensued prior to Skillibeng entering the stage in his latest performance.

However, Stepper recently shared in a live broadcast on Instagram that the altercation was more so of a confrontation rather than a physical fight. The promoter highlighted that there was a disagreement regarding Skillibeng’s attendance at a popular radio station in the area. The E-Syde leader denied knowing about the scheduled interview, which caused Stepper to get angry and a disagreement between the two subsequently took place.

Skillibeng or his camp has yet to address the matter since the claims were made early Tuesday morning.

The controversy started when a video began circulating on social media platforms of a man, allegedly associated with the promoter’s camp, detailing the altercation between Skillibeng and Stepper and why the situation had escalated.

The man claims how the promotion team first felt disrespected by the artiste when they gathered that he had not met his agreement to be in Hartford, Connecticut, by June 4th. The importance of this, as detailed in the video, was for Skillibeng to participate in radio interviews in the buildup to the event and aid in its promotion. However, it wasn’t until the day of the event that the “Coke” deejay arrived in the city. To make matters worse, according to the man in the video, Skillibeng only arrived at the show with one hour remaining in the event.

Despite these allegations, Skillibeng still went on stage and performed a well-received set in front a packed audience, who raved to hits such as “Crocodile Teeth” and “Whap Whap.”

Skillibeng’s next major performance will be in Los Angeles, California, at Echoplex. He will then travel to New York at Irving Plaza on the 17th.

The dancehall star is currently on a U.S. tour which will see him performing in multiple major cities. His run on the road comes on the heels of his new EP, Mr. Universe.

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