Meek Mill, The Game Vents About Rolling Stone’s ‘Greatest Hip-Hop Album’ List

 Meek Mill, The Game Vents About Rolling Stone’s ‘Greatest Hip-Hop Album’ List

Meek Mill and The Game are not happy about Rolling Stone’s new list of greatest hip hop albums.

The publication recently released its 200 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums Of Al Time list, and while the illustrious and respected magazine says it was difficult to compile the list, it said the projects it settled on are “the albums that have defined hip-hop history — from Run-DMC to Playboi Carti, from G-funk to drill, from the Bronx to Houston, and beyond.”

The Top 200 Hip-Hop Albums of All-time list has come under heavy criticism by hip-hop fans who felt that some key faces and album names were missing.

One of the disagreements with the top album list released is also placement, as some felt that Cardi B‘s Invasion of Privacy is listed higher up than Nas.

Of course, some hip-hop community members even felt that Cardi B shouldn’t even be on that list, while others have lambasted the writers as not knowing anything deep about hip-hop music.

Amongst those who are unhappy with the album list is Meek Mill, who aired his grouse on Twitter.

“The 200 Greatest Rap Albums of All Time – Rolling Stone how do y’all determine these list “marketing money” y’all be tripping tryna discredit us… I ain’t been active lately but ain’t no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy tf,” he said at not being included.

The Game also reacted in now-deleted tweets.

“How is ‘The Documentary’ not on the list for 200 Greatest Rap Albums of All Time? I carried an entire coast for 20 years on the back of my 1st album. Cause I don’t walk red carpets, play dress up, smile or fake laugh at brunches I don’t count?” he asked before including his upcoming project Drillmatic being dropped on July 1.

In a commentary on his Instagram account, The Game also accused Rolling Stone of disrespecting ‘the culture’.

“1ST THEY STEAL THE CULTURE THEN THEY DISRESPECT UT. Y’all brains fried af!!! Some things you just gotta laugh at. They’ll try to erase you if you let em,” he added.

Meanwhile, in the introduction write-up for the Albums listing, Rolling Stone does somewhat give a reason for the albums that were chosen, noting that older albums were less likely to sway their opinion.

Game meek IG comment
The Game Instagram

Still, the reactions have been mixed with most fans and some artistes feeling some albums were not properly ranked and some good body of work got snubbed.

The magazine has not responded to the criticisms thus far.

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