Moneybagg Yo Shares His Single Father Hardships Following Chyna Santana’s Death

 Moneybagg Yo Shares His Single Father Hardships Following Chyna Santana’s Death

Moneybagg Yo on Saturday shared appreciation for single mothers who take on the burden of child-rearing oftentimes alone.

In a post shared on Saturday, the CMG rapper admitted that it is challenging being a single parent. It’s the first time he’s speaking out after the death of one of the mothers of his children, Kennedy Lynette, with whom he has three children.

Kennedy Lynette, who also goes by Chyna Santana, died six (6) weeks ago. It’s unclear the cause of death, but it seems that the rapper has taken up primary care of the children.

In a now-deleted tweet, Moneybagg Yo acknowledged how difficult and taxing single parenting is.

“Single parenting hard especially when you tryna pursuit yours dream at the same time[.] women are the real definition of queens. We can’t do this sh*t without y’all but sometimes we forced to,” he said.

Moneybagg added that his own situation has brought home the important work single mothers do.

“My situation I’m dealing with right now made me respect mothers even more,” he added.

Kennedy Lynette’s sudden death was announced weeks ago as friends and family reacted.

“I’m so sickkk.. I’m heart hurting so bad dude. I was just otp with you my sister. Why you had to do me like that Kennedy Lynette why you leave me,” a woman named Jessica Summers wrote on Facebook.

In the meantime, Moneybagg Yo’s career has been growing with the release of his latest album, A Gangsta’s Pain, giving him his first Billboard 200 No. 1 album and also being one of his most successful commercial albums selling 110,000 album0-equivalent units in the first few days.

Some hit songs include songs like ‘’Time Today,’’ ‘’Hard For The Next,’’ and club anthem, ‘’Wockesha.’’

The rapper back in March promised his fans new music, but it seems that having primary care for three of his eight children is his number one priority for now.

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