Rubi Rose, Casanova Supports Lil Tjay Who Remains Unconscious

 Rubi Rose, Casanova Supports Lil Tjay Who Remains Unconscious

Lil Tjay getting support from his ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose and fellow New York rapper Casanova as he fights for his life.

The New York rapper was reportedly shot and injured on Tuesday night around midnight and had to have emergency surgery on Wednesday morning. It appears that he has been recovering well, as several outlets reported that he was doing well even though he was not yet out of the woods.

Little to no details have been shared about the wounds Lil Tjay received nor the shooting incident. At the time of this publication, he remains unconscious in the hospital following an emergency surgery.

As news spread about the shooting, several people sent out well-wishes for him, including his friend and fellow rapper Casanova, who is in jail awaiting sentencing for RICO and Drugs charges.

In a post shared on Instagram, he said he was praying for Lil Tjay.

“N****a you know better!!! Praying for you from my jail cellLill bro.. You gonna be alright tough times don’t last long only tough people do. And you a bad mother f***a!!” he wrote.

“When you get out stop by the crib and pick that bullet proof up!!” he added.

While the message seemed well-intentioned, many called out Casanova for the advice, which seemed to encourage the young rapper to engage with the street life.

In the meantime, his former flame and former girlfriend, Rubi Rose, also asked for prayers for him publicly.

Rubi Rose shared a post with a white heart emoji for Lil Tjay, whom she has dated in the past. The couple was seen getting cozy on Instagram in April after they had broken up in 2020.

At the time, the couple had a fight that spilled over on social media while Tjay had flown her out. He allegedly didn’t buy her a return flight leading to her being stranded.

In May 2020, she shared videos on social media claiming that he flew her out to see him but refused to get her a flight back home. Police were also called over a domestic disturbance between them.

Lil Tjay later said he had gotten her the flight even though he was seen in videos clowning her.

In any case, the former couple was seen posted up in April, sparking reports that they were back together.

On his Instagram feed, he captioned a photo that Rubi was “solid and real.”

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