YNW Melly Denies Prosecutor’s Claim He Authorized Hit On His Mother

 YNW Melly Denies Prosecutor’s Claim He Authorized Hit On His Mother

YNW Melly and his mom Jamie King have bother denied prosecutor’s allegations that he authorized a hit on her.

On Sunday, the rapper’s mother reacted to the claim by prosecutors that he had authorized a hit on his mother. Instagram Page No Jumper shared a snippet of what appears to be an interview sheet with a police witness speaking about the contents of YNW Melly’s phone from jail in his ongoing case.

In the document, the prosecutors ask the question, “Has, in your opinion, Melly authorised any communication for the commission of a crime?”

The answer given is an affirmative yes, with damning claims.

“Yes. If you read his phone, there is narcotics trafficking, firearms violations, authorizing the killing of his mother. Those are things you would consider authorizing.”

The prosecutor also asked if there was physical evidence to corroborate the claim and the answer was an affirmative yes from his phone, social media accounts, lyrics, etc.

YNW Melly is on trial for the double murder of two of his friends, YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy. His trial is ongoing, with prosecutors claiming that he and his friend YNW Bortlen allegedly killed the two men and then staged it as a drive-by shooting.

So far in the trial, prosecutors have led evidence claiming that Melly was the shooter. They are seeking the death penalty, but the rapper has maintained that he is innocent.

Meanwhile, the rapper’s Instagram account immediately reacted to the document with a strong denial.

On YNW Melly’s Instagram Stories, a message read, “LIES. FALSE AGENDA. INNOCENT!!”

Melly’s brother YNW BSlime also reacted on Instagram. “This is pure desperation,” he said with the cap emoji.

YNW Melly statement
YNW Melly Instagram

In the meantime, the prosecution is calling detective Christopher Williams as an expert witness.

He is one of the main witnesses by the prosecution in hopes that it is highly probable Melly was the one who shot and killed his friends, not triggerman defendant Cortlen Henry.

The main evidence by the expert is that blood splatters from the car and other things when assessed at an angle, prove that Melly was the shooter from the inside of the vehicle, specifically the back seat, behind the driver’s seat, and no more than eight inches from the victims’ heads.

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