Fetty Wap Slapped Woman At Iowa Fair, Video Going Viral

 Fetty Wap Slapped Woman At Iowa Fair, Video Going Viral

Fetty Wap might be in hot water again after he was caught slapping two fans at the Iowa Music Festival.

A 6-second video has gone viral showing the rapper slapping two persons, one of them a white woman. In the video, a shirtless Fetty Wap is seen standing behind a man who appears to be security personnel at a barricade. He swipes at a person out of the camera frame and then slaps a woman in the face.

The woman who appears to be mediating between Fetty Wap and the person out of the frame is seen wearing a white basketball cap which goes flying after the rapper boxes her.

The woman who is slapped appears shocked at the rapper’s actions. It’s unclear what caused the melee between the rapper and the concertgoers.

Neither Fetty nor the slap victims have addressed the incident, and it’s unclear if the police are investigating.

This is not the first time Fetty Wap has been accused of putting his hand on a woman. Fetty Wap was sued in 2020 for a 2019 incident where a woman alleged that the rapper slapped and choked her.

The unknown woman filed a lawsuit in a court in Los Angeles alleging that the incident had taken place at his home in view of other people.

Court documents claimed that the woman alleged that “during the course of the night, Fetty Wap consumed numerous alcoholic beverages culminating with drinking tequila directly from the bottle. Without any justification or provocation”.

The rapper then began “getting aggressive and physical toward numerous people.”

She added the rapper had assaulted her after she commented on the party that he became offended by.

“Fetty Wap immediately approached (her) and aggressively placed his face directly to (her) face while threatening to harm her. He then pressed his finger on her forehead and forcefully pushed her head back.”

The woman added that after that, he choked her by grabbing her throat, and he also threatened to kill her. She added that the entire incident was viewed by several witnesses, one of whom had intervened to separate them, and that’s when he also struck her in the face.

It’s unclear what’s become of that case.

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