Diddy Drools Over His Baby Mother Sara Chapman: “I definitely got good taste”

 Diddy Drools Over His Baby Mother Sara Chapman: “I definitely got good taste”

Diddy says he got good taste in choosing women after showing off his baby mother Sara Chapman.

Diddy was seen gassing up the mother of one of his daughters as she showed off her sexy body and trim physique. While at a restaurant, Diddy was videoing Chapman as he praised her outfit and body. “Excuse me, King of this gorgeous, beautiful,” Diddy says as he interrupts the occupants of the small room who are now all watching Chapman, who does a pose and then a twirl as she shows off the entire outfit and her neat body.

“I definitely got good taste,” he says.

While she’s twirling, her friend Mimi can also be heard gassing her up. “You better God damn show that sh*t.” Chapman smiles coyly as she says, “you know I’m shy.”

The couple appeared to have met up to celebrate the 16th birthday of their daughter Chance, who was born in 2006 and making her his third and final baby mother.

On her Instagram account, Sara Chapman shared a video of her with her daughter as well as several throwbacks of her over the years.

It’s unclear if Diddy and Chapman dated or to what extent, but Chapman’s presence in the rap mogul’s life was not without contention as she gave birth in 2006, approximately five months before Diddy’s long-time girlfriend, Kim Porter, also gave birth to twins.

In a People interview in 2007, Porter spoke about how she came to find out about Chapman’s pregnancy.

“I wasn’t even coming from the place of who, what, why,” Kim Porter said after she found out about the baby. “I laid low and did what women do: I did my background work, collected information [about Chapman]. But I wasn’t even on it like that because I was pregnant, and what was bubbling inside me was a blessing from God. I couldn’t let my energy be on that. I didn’t have time for any drama, trauma and bull***.”

At the time, Chapman was 33 and lived in Atlanta, where she worked in fashion, and aside from dating Tupac Shakur before, she and Diddy were also acquainted for a number of years. Porter says she was betrayed by Diddy, who wasn’t man enough to tell her about the baby himself.

“I would have preferred to find out from him because that’s a man,” Porter added.

Diddy and Sara Chapman at daughter’s birthday party

Diddy has never publicly spoken about the comments Porter made, but since her sudden death in 2018, he has often referred to her as his soul mate and how impactful her death has been on him.

Meanwhile, on social media, many fans reacted to the video, with some folks speculating that his current love interest Yung Miami would not like Diddy gassing up the baby mother.

The City Girls rapper and Diddy made their relationship known last month during her debut Caresha Please podcast.

Yung Miami has not publicly reacted to the video.

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