Popcaan Hosting St. Thomas Back-To-School Treat For Kids After 2-Year Hiatus

 Popcaan Hosting St. Thomas Back-To-School Treat For Kids After 2-Year Hiatus

Popcaan’s annual back-to-school treat is set to return for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

The Off-to-School Treat and Fun Day event is set to take place on August 25th at the Rudolph Elder Park in Moray Bay, St. Thomas. Popcaan’s charity, called the Popcaan Care Foundation, plans to treat hundreds of children in the parish. The all-day event kicks off at 10 am and will run until 6 pm and will include activities for the children as well as back-to-school gifts like school bags, books, and stationery to aid the children and their parents from costs related to returning to school.

The children’s charity is just one charitable event that Popcaan has held at the parish to raise funds to assist the people of St. Thomas. The artist’s Unruly Fest, held in December annually, helps members of the parish to work and earn from the activities that attract thousands of people.

In the meantime, Popcaan Care rep says that the artist is excited that the event will return, and parents are also anticipating the event’s return. The representative said that the artist was eager to meet with the children and to help out.

“Popcaan is all about the people of St Thomas so when we didn’t get to do this the past two years, it really didn’t sit well with him. He loves to help and he especially loves to put smiles on the faces of the youth from the place he calls home so this return is not only special for the people of St Thomas but for Popcaan as well.”

The deejay’s representative said that the artist’s last treat had 700 children, and they are hoping for a similar amount or more this time. The representative added that the foundation was aware that “times have been hard with the pandemic and parents have been finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. We just want to help make their task a little bit less daunting and ease some of the back-to-school pressure.”

Meanwhile, the event this year will be sponsored by Clarks Original, Unruly Entertainment, OVO, Bashco, and SMA Talent, to name a few.

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