Kodak Black Raps He Lost A Nicki Minaj Collab Because Of Cardi B

 Kodak Black Raps He Lost A Nicki Minaj Collab Because Of Cardi B

Kodak Black pours his heart out on his new project revealing how he lost a collaboration with Nicki Minaj possibly due to Cardi B.

Kodak Black delves into some of the deeper issues of his life in his latest EP, Closure, which was released exclusively on YouTube on Friday. The Florida rapper deals with several emotional issues, such as him missing out on a feature with Nicki Minaj, doing the best he can as a young father despite not his own father being absent from his life, and even addresses the Grammy snub.

Kodak Black’s latest project follows on the heel of his Back For Everything album released last year. The 4-track EP offers a Yak who is clear and easily understood as he glides on the beat in an even tone.

The EP features four songs, including “I’m Off That,” “They Fear Me,” “X & O’s,” and “Some Time Away,” with the second track, “They Fear Me,” speaking about his missed collaboration with hitmaker, Nicki Minaj.

In the track, Kodak talks about the Grammy continually snubbing him and his lost opportunity with Nicki before he was sent to jail. The rap star insists on keeping it real to the point of being ridiculed in the industry and pointed out other artists who faced similar backlash like DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Boosie Badazz.

“I keep it too real, they fear me, I want the world to hear me/I know Lil Boosie, Tory Lanez, and DaBaby feel me…/And if you don’t give me this Grammy, I’m a steal it/I’ve been nominated nine times, I’m a need me one of them b*tches,” he says in the opening verses.

When it comes to losing out on a Nicki Minaj collaboration, Kodak Black hinted that his association with Cardi B might’ve been the reason. Kodak is credited on Cardi B’s breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” and has been collecting royalties from the song which has been certified diamond by the RIAA.

“Got Cardi B money, I could’ve did a song with Nicki/I missed out on a lot of opportunity, let’s get it/Bringin’ street sh*t in the business, every day another killin’/Meetin’ new niggas, but I can’t believe they livin’ how I’m livin’,” another verse says.

Kodak Black also talks about his mother and his poor upbringing but discusses that he is trying to do better as a father. The Florida rapper recently welcomed two children with two women he was rumored to be dating. Despite his legal troubles, Kodak says he wants to be an active father in his children’s lives.

Kodak Black’s latest project has been well received, particularly as the rapper recently had a run with the law that could potentially affect his freedom. The rapper was arrested last month during a traffic stop and was found with a large number of prescription oxycodone pills. He was later bonded out with his attorney claiming that he had a prescription for the drugs as he had chronic pain from being shot in his leg earlier this year in California.

On the heels of his new project, Kodak Black is dealing with an attack from his former friend and signee, Jackboy.

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