Ginuwine Reacts To Becoming A Meme Frenzy, ‘I gotta stop calling myself Old’

 Ginuwine Reacts To Becoming A Meme Frenzy, ‘I gotta stop calling myself Old’

Ginuwine is not bothered by trolls who are making fun of his latest dance moves on the internet. The 90s R&B singer in fact shared that the latest jokes about his dance moves bring him new motivation.

On Friday, he shared a lengthy post where he said that he is turning the troll’s attention into cold hard cash.

The R&B icon was recently the subject of memes and jokes after a video of him performing went viral. The singer could be seen performing his signature abs-rolling sexy dance, but some people felt that he was no longer slim and light, and the dance move didn’t look good.

One person even went as far as likening the artist to the Family Guy character, Quagmire. However, according to Ginuwine, he is not fazed by the comments by rude people online.

“I was shooting TV stuff in Vegas that you will see in October (secret) But couldn’t respond to a lot of this internet cyber stuff,” Ginuwine wrote in a lengthy response on Instagram. “Phone been ringing, blogs calling, friends calling, WOW.”

The artist said that he’s grateful for the attention he is getting despite thinking that he was not like other artists nowadays.

“And for those who know me you already know I’m defiant as f**k so letsgetit!!!!” Ginuwine added. “I see I gotta stop calling myself the ole man lol I didn’t know I was still even news-worthy; Funny or not, my homies always tell me you don’t understand who you are G. Wow!!! Ok now I do, so it’s on. Thank y’all indeed.”

This is not the first time Ginuwine has caught flack for the dance moves. Many fans have been sharing the same dance routine at past events, but the “In Those Jean” artist continues to perform his platinum hit singles for fans along with his dance routine.

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