Spice Speak On Masika Suing Hazel-E: “You know what you signed up for”

 Spice Speak On Masika Suing Hazel-E: “You know what you signed up for”

Spice weighs in on Masika and Hazel-E’s lawsuit.

Spice seems to have a good grasp of what it entails to be a reality tv star. The Queen of Dancehall was recently tracked down by TMZ paparazzi, who questioned her on the latest drama between Fetty Wap’s baby mother, Masika Kalysha, and Hazel E.

Masika filed a lawsuit against Zeus on Wednesday and also named Hazel E in the lawsuit, seeking damages over a fight that occurred on the set of a Zeus show.

Masika is asking the court to award her $6 million for injuries she allegedly sustained in the fight with Hazel E and for sexual battery, which she alleges took place during the fight where a security guard fondled her butt and private part as he parted the fight.

Masika claimed that she and her attorneys asked that the video not be aired, or if it does, it should be edited. However, she claims that Zeus went ahead and still aired the episode.

On the other hand, while Spice has nothing to do with the episode with Hazel E and Masika, the dancehall deejay thinks that fighting is fairly expected in reality tv shows. As a matter of fact, Spice got into a verbal fight that threatened to be physical on her very first episode of Love & Hip Hop. There have been several moments the Jamaican reality star nearly got into a fight.

“You know what you signed up for… Maybe them can do that too,” Spice said about clauses that reference the likelihood of fights in the contracts that reality shows give actors. “

“That’s also in the contract, it may not be the exact word but I feel like that’s in your contract. I feel like you know what you signed up for when you ah do reality show,” Spice added.

Spice is also told about the fight that Masika is suing over, where she is the one who started the fight, and she threw a glass at a recovering post-partum Hazel E.

Meanwhile, Spice said she needed to watch the clip before speaking more about the security guard allegedly groping Masika.

In any case, things have been calm on Love & Hip Atlanta in the past few months, aside from Erica Mena and Safaree’s divorce.

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