Boosie Badazz Denies Involvement In Duke The Jeweler’s Murder

 Boosie Badazz Denies Involvement In Duke The Jeweler’s Murder

Lil Boosie is making it clear he has nothing to do with Duke The Jeweler’s murder.

Boosie Badazz wants no part of the rumors circulating that he had something to do with the murder of Chicago jeweler Duke The Jeweler in Houston, Texas. Duke’s murder occurred during Labor Day Weekend, and soon after, rumors began circulating that Boosie somehow had something to do with it.

Using probably his favorite social media site, Instagram, the rapper posted a video blasting the rumor and also denying that he had anything at all to do with the jeweler’s death. The “One of Them Days Again” rapper posted the video on Instagram on Wednesday, September 7. He also took the time to share his side of events.

The Baton Rouge native shared that he and his crew were out gambling the night before Duke’s death and that the following night the jeweler, along with Plies, attended his concert in Houston. According to Boosie, that was the entire story, as once the concert was done, they all went their separate ways.

According to reports, Duke was later robbed and killed in a parking lot.

“We met that dude Duke the Jeweler the night before; we was gambling. The next day, dude followed us to the concert. When we left out the concert, we were under the garage. Dude went to his car by himself and walked down to the parking lot. That’s when somebody tried to rob him and killed the dude,” he added.

He then questioned why his 19-year-old cousin would try to rob and kill somebody when he was making more than enough money for everyone to live well. He added that he was not willing to let the rumor stand because he and his crew had absolutely nothing to do with the murder.

Sadly, Duke The Jeweler was reportedly killed during a parking lot ambush after winning $100,000 in a dice game. That game was just before Boosie Badazz’s performance at the Arena Theatre, and eyewitnesses have stated that two men exited a black GMC truck and approached Duke before shooting him and making off with his belongings.

Boosie Badazz’s name became popular only because he was one of the last people who was spotted with Duke before his murder. In support of his side of things, the Houston police have revealed that three men, including a driver, are wanted in connection with the shooting death.

A few days ago, Duke shared a photo with Boosie Badazz on Instagram and the two looked like all was well. As for folks spreading the rumors about the rapper had something to with the jewelers death, Boosie is asking them to stop.

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