Yung Miami Pressed Saweetie On Lil Baby Rumors and Quavo Relationship

 Yung Miami Pressed Saweetie On Lil Baby Rumors and Quavo Relationship

Saweetie appears a little surprised by some of Yung Miami’s questions on the new episode of Caresha Please.

Saweetie is set to be the next guest on Yung Miami’s podcast Caresha Please to air on Revolt TV this week. A preview of the upcoming show has Yung Miami asking Saweetie some very sensitive questions, and her reactions have piqued the interest of hip-hop fans.

A trailer teases a very provocative segment with both Miami and Saweetie sitting down like best friends as she interrogates the Icy Girl. Caresha Please continues to steam among the celebrities with another celebrity guest, and the questions are as outrageous as the previous interviews with guests on the show, including Diddy, Megan Thee Stallion, and others. This new episode is slightly different as the set is filmed with a natural background with many palm trees.

Both women appear relaxed, and at one point, Saweetie also appears to be having a drink as Yung Miami pressed her on some difficult questions.

Most of the teaser focuses on digging into Saweetie’s dating life with some very uncomfortable questions like did Quavo really make her car get repossessed after they broke up, who is she currently dating, and did Lil Baby take her on a $100K shopping spree. Saweetie is also asked if she ever cheated on anyone before, and her vigorous stirring of the drinks left some fans anticipating the answers to those questions as well as others as to Saweetie’s personal preference for a quickie over regular sex, etc.

The new episode is scheduled to air at 8 pm on Revolt. Some fans also reacted with questions of their own.

“Miami asking all the real questions lol did she break up the migos or not,” one fan asked about a recent allegation that Saweetie slept with Offset, and that is why the Migos have broken up.

Weeks ago, an unnamed stylist took to Twitter to taunt Cardi B about the allegation, but the rapper called out the stylist for being messy.

“Yeah this is that Lipton honey .. NEED IT,” another fan said.

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