Koffee Give Her Mom Her Flowers After Making Acting Debut

 Koffee Give Her Mom Her Flowers After Making Acting Debut

Koffee took some time out of her busy schedule to show some support for her biggest fan, her mom Jo-Ann Williams.

The Grammy Award-winning artiste ensured she didn’t miss her mother’s acting debut in the short film Raw Material, even though she had to do so virtually. The screening was held at the Palace Cineplex in the Sovereign Centre in Jamaica, and Koffee said that it was amazing getting the opportunity to see her mother on the big screen. Even though she also admitted that it felt very natural since she always considered her mom to be an actress.

The movie role saw Williams playing Angie, a landlord who is desperately trying to get her tenant to pay his rent. He keeps dodging her, and so she becomes more and more frustrated. This forces her to take some draconian actions and seizes his assets.

It seems that the movie was well received by those that gathered and Koffee also showered praise on the entire cast and crew for a job well done.

“As a fellow creative, this is my first time seeing your work and I really enjoyed it,” Koffee said. “And I’m looking forward to seeing more from you, congrats.”

The “Toast” singer also had kind words for the director of the film, Sosiessia Nixon-Kelly, who she said did an excellent job of entertaining.

The sensational reggae singer has also confirmed that she is working on new music. According to reports so far, it seems that she is working on an album that is expected to drop in early 2023 though it may come at the end of this year.

She dropped her debut album Gifted earlier this year in March, which included some hit tracks like “Lockdown,” “West Indies,” and “Pull Up.” The talented songstress is also busy prepping for her upcoming school tour, which will span the island and is expected to start by the end of October.

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