Aidonia Launches Own Cannabis Strain “Banga Kush”

 Aidonia Launches Own Cannabis Strain “Banga Kush”

Aidonia has formally entered into the legal cannabis business.

The dancehall deejay has long been associated with one of Jamaica’s favorite herbs. After all, in many of his videos, Aidonia can be seen smoking ‘spliffs’ and has never shied away from promoting the benefits of the plant. Now he’s been given the opportunity to bring his own flare to a strain of cannabis strain, which is called, very fittingly, Banga Kush.

The launch of the new strain was held earlier this week at Epican Medicinals at Marketplace on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew, for which he is a brand ambassador. The “U Know De Vibe” artist spoke with the Jamaica Observer and explained that he had a vested interest in introducing the new strain of cannabis.

He shared that it has always been a part of his life, and so once he was given the opportunity by the company, he pounced on it.

“Once the chance came about, we being a part of the Epican brand, that was just the focus to put something out there weh wi know say wi name attached to it and just the quality like what Epican produces. Having my own strain was always a goal and a dream,” he added.

He has been a brand ambassador for Epican for the last four years, and it seems like a match made in heaven for both parties. According to the popular deejay working with Epican has been easy because it feels like he is part of a family. He added that it has been a great partnership because they are able to exchange ideas and drive growth and education where marijuana is concerned.

The “Joker Smoker” singer also said that because of the partnership, people are starting to view him differently and see that he understands the balance between his career and the corporate world.

To that end, he praised Epican for the job that they are doing with the strains and said that his role was simply to showcase and show people the great work that the company is doing.

President of Epican Medicinals, Dwayne McKenzie, also had high praises for Aidonia and explained a little more about how they came up with the new strain.

“He worked for a number of years with the team to develop something perfect for himself. Banga Kush has become a hit at Epican with many persons already specially requesting it,” he added.

Aidonia has been out of the limelight in recent times when coming to his music, but fans will soon get a chance to hear some more of his work as he’s announced that he is hoping to drop two EPs later this year.

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