Toni-Ann Singh Defends Popcaan From Critics After Gifting Kids Shopping Spree

 Toni-Ann Singh Defends Popcaan From Critics After Gifting Kids Shopping Spree

Popcaan’s girlfriend Toni-Ann Singh is defending the artist from local backlash after he treated kids overseas to a shopping spree.

The OVO dancehall deejay, who is presently in Malta, is not shying away from his charitable deeds as he recently splurged on some young fans from the Mediterranean island. Poppy is in Malta for Dream Weekend’s first staging in the country from September 8-11, 2022. It seems that he decided to hit the mall after his appearance to pick up some things for himself and ended up splurging on some young fans.

A video shared on the artist’s Instagram account showed Poppy and his entourage talking to the young people while they looked around at sneakers, clothing, and other merchandise. Sweaters were also passed out to the teenagers while Popcaan also helped them pick out items.

“Popcaan went to the mall in Malta saw some kids and told them to take what they need,” a video posted on the deejay’s account said.

“Mi a buy bare sinting gi dem pickney ya,” he says in the video. Popcaan also captioned the video, “we went outside in Malta… these are the results,” while his song “Cocaine Money” plays in the background.

Popcaan’s rumored girlfriend, former Miss Jamaica World, and Miss World Toni-Ann Singh, also shared a sweet message in the comments section as she praised the rapper for representing Jamaica well abroad.

“This is how you represent Jamaica to the WORLD. Global ambassadorship means spreading love and light everywhere you step,” she began.

Toni-Ann Singh also spoke to perceived backlash the artist might receive given that the teens in the video were all Caucasian.

“Uneducated biases suggest that there should be a limit to this love, but this is not what is expected from those that trust the Most High. The spirit moved you to give, and you obeyed. May God’s plan continue to be made manifest through you,” she said.

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Popcaan is generous when it comes to children, as he recently held his St Thomas back-to-school giveaway. Although he was not physically present at the event, there are reports that the artist provided school uniforms, bags, and other necessities for the children.

Despite his good deeds, the rapper was called out last month for being mean and stingy when it comes to helping the people around him. His former artist Quada called out the artist after learning that he earned $125 million from a Canadian booking. It’s the first time the artist’s earnings from shows have been revealed, and Quada was not pleased as he shared that the artist expected his team and entourage to be around him, but he did not want to pay them a proper salary.

In the meantime, as expected, Popcaan’s post caused a ruckus, with some bashing the artist for the gesture, which many felt should have been done for poor children in Jamaica.

“Blessings DJ.. always a do the do.. who don’t know what this DJ has been Doing go do some research before uno comment. I will never question a man spending. He spends what he earns,” one person wrote, praising the artist.

“They are the ones that pay big money at their concerts, so gratitude issa must. Dat is it,” another said.

One person was, however, in disagreement with the earlier comment. “So what youre saying is Jamaicans that have been supporting his career from the start by liking and sharing also going to his concert before he could even travel you’re saying their support dont count even though it is from the start long before the world knew him. I think many of the ppl commenting saying he need to do for his country I don’t blv they expect him to do for the whole jamaica at once because he’s not the government but if he had move about and not just do for st. Thomas many ppl would have a different view because jamaica is poor country and not many ppl can survive on minimum wage and afford a record but at least they play his music on YouTube, like it and share. And correct me if I’m wrong some of these very same Jamaican introduce his music to foreigners cause I do and for every other Jamaican artist,” the commenter said.

“Not to make it black or white y not spend that on some poor kids if ya own skin color I see a lot of rappers doin dat,” one person said.

“All that and they? will still grow up and hate and suppress. I wonder the kids in JA were treated to designer back to school stuff,” one critic said while another added, “go do this for our kids who are wayyyy more needy. These kids don’t look like they need sh*t.”

Popcaan himself has not responded to the backlash from some of his followers. He is also getting huge support from some quarters of his Unruly fan base.

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