Blogger Reacts To Nicki Minaj Lawsuit Claims She’s Getting Death Threats

 Blogger Reacts To Nicki Minaj Lawsuit Claims She’s Getting Death Threats

The YouTuber Nicki Minaj is suing for $75,000 for defamation is now saying that the Trinidadian rapper is not innocent. The blogger, Marley Green, is accusing Nicki of setting her fans on her who are sending her death threats.

On Wednesday, Minaj’s lawyer Judd Burstein filed a lawsuit against Marley Green, who has a show called “The Nosey Heaux” on YouTube, after she claimed that the rapper uses cocaine and she has a video to prove it. After reports of the lawsuit were dropped, Green popped up on an Instagram blog comment section claiming she was a victim of threats from Nicki Minaj.

“Actually Nicki doxxed me and is sending people to threaten my life. Maybe get the full story @theneighborhoodtalk before posting?” she commented.

Nicki Minaj responded to Green, where she rubbished her claim and said she was making another false allegation that would be used in the court case. “That’s another false allegation you just made. That, in addition to all the new lies you said with Sherell will probably cost you AND her more than you know,” the rapper responded to the comment.

“I thought she was a classy woman but she seemed to be justifying the filth. Allegedly. So now…. Welp…. BYE MARLEY!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” Minaj said.

The lawsuit stems from claims by Marley that Minaj uses cocaine which she insinuated was the reason behind the rapper going off on several people, including Garcelle Beauvais, over the weekend. Green also made several disparaging comments against Minaj, her two-year-old child, and her husband. “Nicki Minaj is a cokehead, we all see it,” she said.

Green also took credit in other videos for the hashtag #ItsGivingCoke referring to Nicki Minaj on Twitter. In other comments, she said, “Child, the whole bloodline including the baby, the whole bloodline including the f**king new baby, chile she needs to get that baby in, I don’t care, I don’t care like I said, I’m not gonna get up here and be fake for nobody, I’m not gonna be PG13, I’m not gonna be censored for nobody, I’m always gonna stand true to who I am, people f**k with me for that reason,” Green says.

“Because I’m not gonna get up here and tiptoe and dance around, cause people mad, let muthf**kers be mad, I don’t give a damn, file your lawsuit. Your baby’s gonna be a rapist too. Your whole blood line is disgusting including your baby and you need to be trying to get some of that rapist mixture out of your baby before he grows up to harm somebody’s daughter or son. Get that baby in therapy,” she continued.

“You are trash, your husband’s trash, your brother is trash, your momma is trash, your daddy the dead one and living both of them is trash and before that baby grows up and be trash you better get that baby some help,” she said.

Meanwhile, social media users also responded to Minaj’s lawsuit, with some on the side of the rapper while others disagreed.

“You just said to Garcelle 2 days ago ‘If u can’t stand the heat get tf out the kitchen’ What happened to that mentality? And everyone knows I send your fans to harass people,” one person said in a comment on Instagram.

“Girl you are finally getting what you deserve. All that hate you have in your heart is sad. Ima still pray for you and hope you get the help you need. Evil never prospers,” one person told Green.

“AND SHE NOT THE ONLY ONE GETTING SUED (delete all you want) !!! just first in line. The disgusting things she said about PaPa Bear made my stomach turn. She was insinuated Nicki was on drugs while she was pregnant and breastfeeding. And if I may quote her ‘and what she gonna do about it?’ Well,” another person said.

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