Stefflon Don and Razor B Reacts To Viral Tweet About Jamaicans Work Ethic

 Stefflon Don and Razor B Reacts To Viral Tweet About Jamaicans Work Ethic

Stefflon Don and Razor B are among members of the entertainment community who reacted to a viral tweet from @peterissaja Twitter account that has since been deleted.

The statement on Twitter has since gone viral and has led to the person behind the account perhaps deleting the tweet and the account altogether following a backlash “If Jamaicans worked as hard as they do when they go overseas while they were in Jamaica they wouldn’t need to [go] overseas,” the tweet reads.

The tweet went viral immediately, with many pointing out a well known Jamaican business person of the same name as the Twitter handle, saying he is out of touch. The majority of people who viewed the tweet called out the businessman for not only being privileged but being obtuse to the realities of poor people in the country who continually work but cannot afford to buy 30 million dollar apartments, much less afford the best schools and healthcare for themselves and their families.

Among those who responded to the tweet was Stefflon Don, whose family immigrated from Jamaica to the United Kingdom and whose mother also moved the family to Holland, where her parents worked to raise the family.

“Jamaican people do work hard, they just don’t get paid the salary they deserve in Jamaica,” Stefflon wrote in a comment on thetropixs. “Which is sadly purposely designed that way so they remain a third world country,” she added.


Many Jamaicans at home and in the diaspora on Twitter reacted to the tweet. “Part of the reason you and your family are successful is the low wages you pay your employees. Pay folks livable wages. Most ppl live paycheck to paycheck in [Jamaica] your comment is very out of touch are we?” one person responded.

Another added, “You’ve deleted your tweet now but this is disgusting. You weren’t getting flamed enough for my liking – just out here peddling the lazy Black people narrative as that is what you meant.”

Amid the Twitter backlash, Restaurant of Jamaica which owns the KFC franchise on the island is in the hot seat after an alleged August 2022 employee contract was leaked online. The contract allegedly pays employees JM$20,000 or U$131 per hour for 40hrs work weeks. The salary also includes $130 per hour (less than 1 USD.)

Managing Director of ROJ Mark Myers recently stated that the company paid the highest salaries in the QSR industry. Still, some of the company’s employees disagree with his statement.

Entertainer Razor B also chimed in on the debate incited by the tweet saying, “Lets talk money !!! Start paying better wages and I am sure the people of jamaica will work just as hard as any jamaican oversea.”


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