Vivica Fox Defends Ex-Flame 50 Cent From Male Enhancement Surgery Claims

 Vivica Fox Defends Ex-Flame 50 Cent From Male Enhancement Surgery Claims

Vivica Fox is defending her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent as she addresses the woman who is being sued by the rapper and TV producer for use of his publicity rights and defamation after she insinuated that he had a penis enlargement surgery at her medical spa in Miami.

While the matter will be litigated in court, Vivica Fox doesn’t need to examine the case as she already has a conclusion. While on her Fox Soul show Cocktails with Queens with co-hosts Lisa Raye, Claudia Jordan, and Syleena Johnson, the actress addressed Angela Kogan directly.

“Angela, you lying. That’s all I’m gon say. Angela, if that’s the one thing I know that’s true, he didn’t have to get no enhancement, he good,” she said.

“Listen, the one time I’m with him on that one, he right on that one. It’s all good,” Fox added.

The women on the show also weighed on what they believed to be true in the case. Claudia Jordan said, “He looks like he got big d energy,” while Syleena chimed in, “He do that’s why he act a fool on the internet.”

Vivica’s statement is not surprising as the “Booty Call” actress and 50 Cent dated in 2003, and the two were almost engaged. Last year she said that the rapper was the love of her life in an interview where she spoke about her relationship with him and how she regretted the way their relationship went.

“I was already Vivica Fox from Independence Day, this that and the third, and he now is becoming this huge mega Rap star who is crossing over with ‘In Da Club.’ I was used to fame and the main thing that killed the relationship is that we just went way too public way too fast…had way too many people in our business and if I was to have a chance to do it over it would be that we stay private a lot longer,” she said in a Vlad TV interview.

50 Cent recently confirmed the lawsuit against MedSpa saying the allegation damaged his reputation.

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