Kanye West Admits 9 Years Later “Sway Had The Answers” To His Yeezy Crisis

 Kanye West Admits 9 Years Later “Sway Had The Answers” To His Yeezy Crisis

It’s not every day that Kanye West admits that he’s wrong, but the rapper is finally admitting after almost 10 years that Shade45’s Sway Calloway might have been right about his approach to business.

A snippet of Kanye West’s Good Morning America interview shows the rapper conceding that Sway was right. The interview is set to air later this evening, showing Kanye being asked about his failing relationship with Gap and Adidas.

Last week Kanye ended his collaboration with Gap for allegedly failing to meet certain contractual obligations. The letter said that Gap failed to create dedicated Yeezy Gap store locations to distribute the products before the end of the second half of 2021, and this caused Kanye company to lose forecasted income.

On Thursday, Kanye West touched on the drama surrounding the two deals. Ye says he not only co-created products with Adidas, but also with Gap, which is why he feels shafted by the two company’s. The host did not miss a beat when she asked Kanye about his past interaction with Sway, who had advised him to open his stores in 2013.

“I will go ahead and say, Sway had the answer,” Kanye conceded with a wry smile. “People are gonna be like, ‘No.’”

The interview with Sway in 2013 has resurfaced with many commenting on Kanye’s reaction after he and Sway discussed his impact on hip-hop culture and why it would be better for him to take Yeezy to the next level rather than collaborate with large corporations. Kanye was particularly impatient with Sway’s arguments.

“I am the No. 1 most impactful artist of our generation,” Kanye said at the time as he went off on Sway. “I am [William] Shakespeare in the flesh.”

The rapper also had a sarcastic “How Sway? You ain’t got the answers, man! You ain’t got the answers!” when the host told him that he should not depend on major businesses.

It seems that the rapper has finally seen the argument that Sway was bringing to him.

Persons online reacted to the now-viral clip. “Would you look at that? Sway had the answers after all. Kanye owes that man a very loud apology,” one person tweeted.

Another added, “Kanye admitting Sway had the answers a decade later is the most humble thing Kanye has ever done, he should cut Sway a check for that disrespect.”

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