Popcaan Trolls Wippa Demus After Stepping On Luciano’s Shoe On Stage

 Popcaan Trolls Wippa Demus After Stepping On Luciano’s Shoe On Stage

Popcaan hilariously trolls Wippa Demus after he stepped on Luciano’s shoe on stage.

Reggae artist Wippa Demus, who went viral for stepping on Luciano’s shoes while performing live, is in the spotlight again after telling his side of the story. The hilarious video showed Luciano and several other persons on what looks like a balcony at Oniel’s Place. The artist, Wippa Demus, who was performing his song “Suzie Wong,” which involved some very elaborate stepping footwork, drew the ire of The Messenger as he stepped on his shoes.

“Hold on nuh man, how yuh a dance so reckless and a step up pan all man boot and all dem thing deh, mi nuh like that, man,” Luciano said after snatching the mic from the artist. “Yuh nah get back da mic ya a blood fire,” Luciano added.

The video saw reactions from the likes of Popcaan and several other artists. “A which bwoy step pan the messenger boot?” Popcaan wrote, laughing. Me nuh like that man,” Popcaan wrote on Instagram.

Bounty Killer, rappers Bia and Bobby Shmurda, Laalee, and Gramps Morgan all reacted to the video with laughing emojis.

“The messenger was not happy with the Tik Tok skank,” dancehall artist Stylo G wrote. “Luciano wull on pan di man career,” another person wrote.

Wippa Demus later called out Luciano for disrespecting him as he said that he held the latter in high regard. “Mi a say Luciano, me and you a bredda, is a man weh me never disrespect yet in a me lifetime,” he said.

“And after I man ah perform the I grab the mic outta I hand and ah say bwoy I step pan the I shoes, that nuh look good Luci man. Ah you a the Messenger of the Earth you know, you ah one of the messenger you know, we a preach righteousness and preach upliftment and all them thing deh…that means the I nah live what the I ah live,” Wippa said.

The artist said he was aggrieved by the actions of Luciano when he took the mic away from him. Wippa also accused Luciano of carrying bad feelings about him for about four years now.

“Ah disrespect the I disrespect I pan the stage bredda, a ting weh a stream to the whole world, jah know Luci me never expect that from the I still, as a messenger,” he added.

Meanwhile, Wippa also apologized for stepping on Luciano’s “Gideon Boots.” The deejay also shared a new song about accidentally stepping on Luciano’s shoe and said that he is apologetic. He shared a video of himself in the studio as he addressed the incident in music.

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