Bounty Killer Performing In Cayman For First Time In 16 Years

 Bounty Killer Performing In Cayman For First Time In 16 Years

Bounty Killer is elated that he is finally allowed back in the Cayman Islands after being banned 16 years ago. On Thursday, the “No Doubt” artist shared that he is performing at CayJam Fest 2022 for the first time in 16 years.

A video from the Cayman airport shared by the artist saw him announcing his return to the island as he promised fans a performance to remember beginning on Friday night. On Instagram, he shared a message of gratitude for being allowed in the country.

“Time is always the master after 16yrs of being barred from entering the Cayman Islands the time machine decided its that time again Jah bussing all chains and bandages from di GADZILLA my greatness can never ever stop,” he wrote.

In the video at the airport, the artist spoke about what fans can expect from his performance, as he also addressed the fact that he will be facing at least two generations of younger people.

“I don’t try to perform for Cayman or for Jamaica, or for Barbados,” Bounty was heard telling the small group. “I perform for the fans. Whether I am in Jamaica or I am in Barbados or in Cayman Islands, it’s gonna be the same thing. And then to be here after 16 years, I know what I have to reignite, remind dem what I does and what I brings. So this will have to be extraordinary, because I have to remind the younger ones who never know me and see me before. So this is like working to suit a next generation, because I missed one generation… So it’s a generation gap. Yes, tomorrow really gonna be exciting for me. I don’t know about nobaddy else. I am back in my place.”

Bounty Killer was refused a work permit to perform on the island in 2006. At the time, the artist’s violent music lyrics were cited as the reason for him being denied entry to the island.

Bounty also had a criminal record from a conviction for using profanity in Trinidad stemming from an incident in 2004 which had been weighed in the decision taken by the Cayman immigration authority.

In the meantime, several other artists celebrated Bounty Killer’s latest win. In the comment section, Beenie Man, Shaggy, Cham, Chi Ching Ching, Munga Honourable, producer Bobby Konders and DJ Richie Stephens all shared clap emojis and messages of affirmation for the deejay’s breakthrough.

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