PnB Rock Case: Man Implicated In Murder Breaks His Silence

 PnB Rock Case: Man Implicated In Murder Breaks His Silence

Following the news that a suspect has been named and one arrested in PnB Rock’s murder by the Los Angeles Police Department, another man is seeking to clear his name and make sure everyone knows that he had nothing to do with the rapper’s death.

A man named Freddie Lee Trone has been named as a person of interest in the murder of the Philadelphia native. Sadly, PnB Rock was gunned down at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in South Los Angeles on September 12. Police have since arrested a 17-year-old man believed to be the triggerman and also the son of Freddie Lee Trone.

The man who has come forward to clear his name is a videographer by the name Emmanuel Danquah who works in Minneapolis. He also does photography and goes by the pseudonym South Side Chief. Apparently, he has been linked to the crime by various unqualified online and social media investigators who believe that he may have had the rapper killed because of an argument they had on Instagram Live in 2021 over a stolen t-shirt design.

Many of the unqualified PIs have also edited clips and have claimed erroneously that the two had beef shortly before the “Middle Child” rapper was killed.

Danquah sought to clear the air during a recent interview with the Drea O Show. He stated that he had nothing to do with the murder of PnB Rock. He also reiterated that he was nowhere near the area and that he did not make some type of OG phone call hit.

Added to that, he said he and the late rapper were on pretty good terms before the shooting and were even planning a charity boxing match together in an effort to raise funds to help rebuild Minneapolis following the destruction caused during the 2020 George Floyd protests.

He said the last time they spoke, the two were good with each other and described PnB as a real one. Danquah went on to say that the “Selfish” rapper was even going to give him a chance that would change both of their lives through the fight that they were promoting. He remains grateful to him for that, he added.

When the accusations began to fly, he said that he felt a plethora of different emotions, especially since the internet put the label of a murderer on him. He added it was difficult to watch the accusers use video out of context and just run with it.

“I just want people to know that they can’t always believe what they see on the internet. If you see the video, I’m like 200 pounds heavier and they tried to make it seem like that was the same day [as Rock’s murder],” he continued.

According to Danquah, the police have not even contacted him, and if they do, he has nothing to hide. However, he did express some hesitancy with having to speak with the authorities for fear of how he would be handled as a black man.

The argument in question seems very unlikely to result in murder. The two men had a spat after the rapper was accused of stealing his t-shirt design featuring a photo of the uprising in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death.

Things did get heated but the most the threats escalated to was Danquah threatening to snatch PnB Rock’s chain. In subsequent interviews, Danquah even admitted to embellishing the argument to get some more clout on the internet.

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