Mavado Says JCF Warrant Is Used Against Him In Messado $30m Case

 Mavado Says JCF Warrant Is Used Against Him In Messado $30m Case

Mavado is expressing his frustration with the Jamaican justice system as he called on the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution to investigate a ‘mysterious’ warrant that has been issued for his arrest and also high profile attorney representing Jennifer Messado.

Mavado has been fighting a nasty battle with Messado, who has been disbarred by the Jamaican Bar Association for professional misconduct. Messado is facing several criminal charges for defrauding property owners in Jamaica and, in Mavado’s case, stealing JM$30 million dollars in a property transaction.

On Wednesday afternoon, the artist who lives in the United States lamented that the matter has been going on for almost five (5) years and is almost ready for him to testify against Messado. However, he accused Messado’s lawyer Christopher Townsend of trying to bar his testimony via satellite and allegedly being involved in a “manufactured” warrant popping up to stop him from testifying.

“Let’s talk about this so-called warrant we have heard about all of a sudden after 4 years. It seems as if some officers assigned to the Constant Spring police station, Jennifer Messado and her people are conspiring against me. The same police that locked my son up years ago are also the same police that suddenly came
up with this warrant 4 wears later, in particular one female officer who told me that Jennifer Messado is her friend. Now my people years ago when I left Jamaica, I left things in my lawyers’ hands. My lawyers – both overseas and in Jamaica, were in regular communication with the Jamaica Constabulary Force and there was never any mention of any outstanding warrants, nothing like that was said to my lawyers over a 4 year period. I wasn’t wanted for anything or any reason in Jamaica,” he began in a lengthy statement posted on his Instagram account.

He said in a caption for the post that the matter is up for hearing on Sept 29.

“Let’s hear what the judge has to say tomorrow about this fake warrant and this criminal element that stole my 30 million dollars going 5 years now without a night in Jail,” he wrote as he tagged Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness, the Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, and the Culture Minister Olivia Grange along with the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

In sharing a video of Messado walking with one shoe and the other barefoot, the deejay accused her of putting on a charade so she can escape any court sanctions.

The deejay singled out Messado’s attorney, whom he says had committed to repaying his money but instead, he accused the lawyer of not only reneging but allegedly being the one who claimed he had a warrant that never existed by suddenly popped up.

“Fast forward 4 years later to the unconnected JENNIFER MESSADO criminal trial – the case where she stole over 30 MILLION DOLLARS from me, AT THE COURT DATE PRIOR TO THE MOST RECENT ONE, her attorney Christopher Townsend all of a sudden came to court and mentioned that I am a wanted man in Jamaica, and that the reason I’m not showing up to court is because I’m running away from prosecution. He said this in a effort to prevent me from giving my statement Via satellite for my 30 MILLION DOLLARS his client stole from me, because by law if I am wanted I would not be able to do so,” he wrote.

“BUT the DPP office nor the JCF had any idea of any warrants against me. Keep in mind I am a high profile figure whose name they have had no problem calling over the years in connection with any allegation. My lawyers, the DPP office, no media NOBODY knew of this so-called warrant’s existence. The ONLY person who knew, apparently, was Christopher Townsend – Jennifer Messado lawyer. How that possible? My lawyers also checked and there were no warrants found. Furthermore Townsend is well aware his client stole my money and said to me personally he would give it back, and I have proof. He was cc’d on e-mails to return my money and he’s also been telling my lawyers to this day that he will facilitate returning my money because he didn’t want me to take it to trial. But now he’s in court trying to qet a judge to stop me from testifying and somehow is the only person who was aware of a warrant that has supposedly been in existence for 4 years that nobody knew about but him. Notice that the JCF haven’t even publicly answered journalists questions as to what the warrant is for? Are the JCF embarrassed to do so because the know its manufactured? A lot of questions need to be answered PPL,” he wrote.

In another slide, the artist also called on the DPP to investigate a warrant that has popped up. He said that previously, no warrant had existed and questioned whether there was foul play involved.

“On the morning of the most recent court date, the DPP’s second in command got my business phone number and called me around 9am to ask me if I had any idea about a warrant, because it’s time for trial and a ‘Warrant miraculously appeared’ from the Constant Spring police station. which has a well-documented history of corruption. NOW my ppl, keep in mind Christopher Townsend, Jennifer Messado’s lawyer was the first person to mention this so-called warrant! Not my lawyers not even the DPP office knew of this. He was the first person to mention to the judge that I’m wanted, so the judge ordered an investigation. The police went to all these agencies that historically have wanted to implicate Mavado for any reason they can find. None of these agencies knew about this so-called warrant. Eventually the Constant Spring police station said that a police officer has a warrant for me, but surprise surprise it couldn’t be found in the books. They then took over 6 weeks to locate a physical copy of this so-called warrant that miraculously appeared on this recent court date, where the judge was supposed to give me the go ahead to testify via satellite. I am calling on the PP office to do their job and thoroughly investigate just when this warrant was written so that they are not seen to be enabling this corruption,” he said.

In the meantime, the artist says that his matter appears to be at a standstill as he is being asked to report to the police station.

“Presently the PP office is telling my lawyers that I need to come in and deal with the warrant to be able to testify. what a set up 1. So now I’m wondering, how many more manufactured outstanding warrants are out there? Can I know before I get there? Or do I have to wait until I get there to find out? It seem as if the justice system needs to weed out its own criminals, but we keep the faith in the justice system to do the right thing in mine and everybody’s case. I would like to ask the DPP office why hasn’t Townsend been investigated for his part in all this and why hasn’t Jennifer Messado been charged for money laundering and scamming she’s a choppa,” he said.

In the meantime, the deejay also cast doubts on Messado’s mental state. There were previous reports that she was suffering from health issues, but the deejay is not convinced and said that the ex-lawyer was a ‘choppa’ (scammer).

“Speaking of choppa, pay attention to this video, this fully sane woman is in the middle of Half Way Tree posing as a mad woman! Because that’s their next defense in court on the trial date cominq up VERY SOON! I would like to remind the judge that this woman was of sound mind when she stole my 30 MILLION and is of
sound mind today,” he wrote.

The JCF has not responded to the allegations by Mavado, and the DPP is yet to address the claims.

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