Cardi B Shed Tears After Winning $5 Million Mixtape Cover Lawsuit

 Cardi B Shed Tears After Winning $5 Million Mixtape Cover Lawsuit

Cardi B admitted that she shed a little tear in court after winning grueling $5 million mixtape cover lawsuit.

Cardi B is on a winning streak as she wins her third lawsuit for the year. A California jury returned with a verdict in favor of the rapper on Friday, finding that she did not illegally appropriate the back tattoo of a man on the cover of her 2016 Gangsta B*tch Music, Vol. 1 mixtape.

The trial went on for four days which also saw Cardi taking the stand and giving testimony in her defense as well as the plaintiff Kevin Michael Brophy who sued the rapper in 2017, claiming that the use of his unique tattoo superimposed on the back of a model violated his publicity or privacy rights and caused him and his family to suffer embarrassment as the tattooed man appeared to be performing oral sex on Cardi B.

The loss for Brophy means that he won’t be granted any of the $5 million in damages he was seeking from Cardi and her ex-manager Klenord Raphael. On Friday afternoon, Cardi B shared a brief note on Twitter expressing relief that the lawsuit has come to an end.

“I just won this lawsuit …Im soo emotional right now [teary emoji]…I wanna kiss Gods feet right now …..IM BEYOND GRATEFUL!” the rapper tweeted.

In the meantime, the plaintiff’s attorney, Barry Cappello of Cappello & Noel, who clashed with Cardi during the trial, said that Cardi and her former manager were “gracious winners” and noted that they took the time out to shake hands with the plaintiff, Reuters reported.

“If this chapter can close, it may be best for the Brophy family’s ability to put this behind them,” the lawyer said.

Cardi B in Los Angeles 2022 / @iamcardib IG

A courtroom observer noted that the rapper appeared reserved but jubilant as she hugged her former manager, members of the defense team, and the graphic designer Timm Gooden who had created the artwork for the project.

On her way out of the courthouse, the rapper stopped and acknowledged a throng of supporters.

“I’m just grateful,” Cardi B said as she shared that she had been a little stressed over the case. “I’m beyond grateful, I even shed a tear. I really don’t be crying at all and for some people it was probably a little lawsuit but to me, it means a lot to me. It means a lot to my legal team and I want to wish everybody the best of luck. Everybody were really great lawyers, from my lawyers to the plaintiff’s team, it was a very interesting case,” Cardi said.

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