Ice Spice Wasn’t ‘Feelin’ NLE Choppa Naming His New Song After Her

 Ice Spice Wasn’t ‘Feelin’ NLE Choppa Naming His New Song After Her

NLE Choppa says he is releasing a song named “Ice Spice.”

On Wednesday, he released the artwork and the name of the project- Ice Spice’s name and her image and likeness as her cover. “She thought I was feelin her. She was right. What y’all think? #IceSpice out Friday,” the rapper wrote on Twitter.

The rapper previously teased the song with a post on October 30 with a lyric that said, “Bad B**** Look Like Ice Spice.” It’s unclear if NLE Choppa had permission to use the rapper’s image and likeness as well as her name and also if she even has trademarks for her name and her likeness. Ice Spice later caught wind of the plans by NLE and didn’t seem flattered by the gesture as she responded in a tweet, “n***ga feenin gotta play it cool.”

Some fans felt that Ice Spice’s response was too self-confident. “See that attitude probably is the reason Drake unfollowed her lil fro ahh,” one person said. “Ain’t even got the blue check like him but tryna throw shade,” another said. “She cocky cause her 1 hit,” another said.

Ice Spice
Ice Spice

While some might think Ice Spice is too self-confident, her streaming numbers speak for itself as the rapper’s second track, “Bikini Bottom,” hit one (1) million views in one day after release.

The rapper also revealed that since the release of her tracks “Munch” and “Bikini Bottom,” she had made a million dollars. Ice Spice was previously criticized for her lack of stage presence after being booked for several festivals and even invited as a guest by the likes of Fivio Foreign.

In the meantime, NLE Choppa just turned 20 years old. The rapper shared that he was celebrating his birthday in a wild video posted on Tuesday with the hashtag RIP Takeoff. Many, however, called out the rapper for clout-chasing and trying to get attention as the world mourned the death of the Migos rapper.

NLE later responded to critics and denied that he was disrespecting or shading the late rapper.

“For you folks saying im using someone name for clout when im already juiced be crazy. I said rip takeoff in caption because it’ll be inconsiderate to not say it with what happened. My birthday today tho Ian gone let y’all fuck my day up. Like I said RIP TAKE RESPECTFULLY!” he wrote on Twitter.

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