Beenie Man Recovering From Injury From Motorcycle Crash

 Beenie Man Recovering From Injury From Motorcycle Crash

Beenie Man has confirmed that he is recovering from an injury to his ankle after a bike crash on Monday.

According to reports, the “Henkel Glue” collaborator had to seek medical attention for an injury to one of his ankles due to the accident. The artist was reportedly riding his bike in the corporate area in Kingston when a taxi driver collided with his bike,

The deejay received minor injuries to his lower leg, including his ankle and was kept under observation for a few hours after the accident before being released to recover at home.

According to the Jamaica Observer, the dancehall veteran is not at fault for the incident.

“Beenie Man stopped to talk to somebody and a taxi man came around the corner and collided with him, injuring his ankle,” the Observe quoted an unnamed source.

Beenie Man’s girlfriend Camille Lee also confirmed that the King of the Dancehall was only involved in a minor fender bender, and the artist was fine. Lee, who was with the artist, also showed him on her Instagram Live on Tuesday, where the artist appeared fine as he watched a World Cup match.

Beenie Man appears to be on the adventurous side of life as the artist shared a video of his motorcycle last week shortly after he returned from a show in Uganda. In a short video shared on Twitter, Beenie Man announced that he was coming to London soon before speeding off on the yellow and black motorcycle with elaborate front wheels.

The artist also appeared in good spirits on his Instagram Stories as he shared a video teasing his girlfriend for her birthday. He later shared a video of him and Lee on a romantic date. The couple also seemed to have flown out for his girl’s birthday and shared a video of Lee and a friend dancing.

“rassclaat babe, you drunk like a bat,” the artist jokes as he laughs at Lee and his friend, who were having a dance-off to one of his songs.

“People me woman not getting any roses this year so she bex,” the artist wrote with laughing emojis in another story. In an Instagram post, he later shared that Lee did get her flowers after all.

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